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Why Build with Impresa Modular in California?

The Answer is Simple.

When you are ready to build your new custom home you want a partner that you can trust. A partner that has years of experience in virtually every type of construction and has worked with almost every style of home. With that type of experience, no matter what the situation, you will know that your builder has “been there and done that”. You want a builder whose cumulative experiences gives you peace of mind knowing that they can handle anything to successfully build your new custom home. At Impresa Modular, we are the only nationwide builder of custom modular homes in the country. No one else can claim that level of experience.

We have built homes in most states in the country. We have built homes on lakes, on pilings at the beach, on mountain tops, and everywhere in between. We have built chalet homes, contemporary homes, log cabins, estate homes, and traditional homes. When you are ready to build; the experience, knowledge, and skills of our team are there for you. When you want to know who you can choose to build your custom home with confidence, the answer is simple – Impresa Modular.

California Modern Modular Homes, Build Modular

Modular Homes Provide All of the Advantages of Site-Built Homes… and More

Modular is actually a type of construction, not a type of home. But, homes built using modular construction are generally referred to as modular homes, or prefab homes. When building in California, modular homes offer a distinct advantage over traditional homes in timeframe to permitting. Modular construction is stick built, it’s just built off site and under the protective roof of a factory versus outside and exposed to the elements. Using the assembly line process, modular construction means you get the precision and quality that you have come to expect from products built in a factory.

Even the materials used to produce modular homes are stored indoors away from the elements. As you would expect in a factory assembly line process, modular homes are not only inspected to insure compliance with building code but unlike traditional outdoor construction, quality inspections are also performed between stations in the building process. Have you ever driven by a traditional home site and seen the 30 cubic yard dumpster in the front yard? Did you stop to think how much it cost to have it picked up and disposed of in a landfill? Did you take an extra moment to think that the homeowner actually paid for all of the waste that was in that 30 cubic yard container in addition to the disposal fee? Traditional construction is just wasteful and inefficient. Prefab homes using modular construction are naturally green and reduce waste while simultaneously saving money.

Build Modular, Build Modern!
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Prefab Homes offer Flexible Design and Beautiful Styles

Modular homes can be built in virtually any style. The flexible design process permits Impresa Modular to collaborate with you, or your architect, to create your custom home. Prefab homes can be built in any location that our transport carriers can access. Choose modern modular construction when it’s time to build your custom home.

The Golden State – California

California has the highest population of any U.S. state. It is the third largest state and includes a diverse range of climates and geography. California is the western paradise. Many see the Golden State as an ideal living and resort destination, sunny and dry all year round with easy access to the ocean and mountains. With so much to do, California is a great place to live and enjoy.

State Facts & Fun

In 1925 a giant sequoia located in California's Kings Canyon National Park was named the nation's national Christmas tree. The tree is over 300 feet in height.

Build in California

Interested in building in California? We have an extensive selection of modular home plans and a consultant for your area who is waiting to help you with every detail along the way. Let's get started!

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