Building a new modular home begins long before the foundation is installed. Using our home building experience, we assist with everything from house plan design to helping with building permits. As you move from dream house to real house, be sure to ask questions. We are here to help you every step of the way to reach your goal of building a new modular home. There has never been a better time to start.

Step 1 – Talk with us…

We are friendly and knowledgeable. We are not here to pressure you in any way. Feel free to call us, chat with us, or email us. We strive to answer your questions and communicate with you using the method you feel most comfortable using. We’ll help you create a home building guide that moves you toward a basic design concept and house plan that meets your general design needs, building site requirements and budget. Then we will prepare a no-obligation Free Ballpark Cost Estimate.

Step 2 – Create Your Home

If you are utilizing one of our many standard plans you likely will have at least a few minor modifications. If you have started with a completely custom plan we will be working with you closely to get the plan just right. In either case, options must be chosen, colors must be selected, and material choices must be finalized. Your Modular Home Consultant will then incorporate all this into your final plans and budget. The completion of this home building checklist is needed to get subcontractor bids, obtain building permits, and acquire financing.

Step 3 – Construction Bids

Depending on the role you have decided to take in the construction of your new home (i.e. be the general contractor, hire a Professional Building Consultant, outsource to a general contractor, etc.), our staff will coordinate with you or your designated party. We will help to familiarize the designated party with the floor plan and the requirements of modular construction. We will provide our input as requested to help you make informed decisions when reviewing bids.

Step 4 – Financing

We work with many lenders familiar with modular construction. If you need financing, our staff will discuss your unique situation and help you find the right lender to meet your needs. Please plan to assemble documents such as bank statements, paystubs, tax returns, etc. for the lender. The lender will also require a signed contract at this time. We will provide them with a set of plans and a copy of the building specifications which they will also require.

Step 5 – Order Building Permits

Impresa Modular’s staff, any designated party you have selected, and yourself will work together to obtain building permits and other approvals as necessary. Building permits are granted as fast, if not faster, for modular homes than for conventional homes.

Step 6 – Order your new home

Some clients order their homes as soon as the basic house plan and design are developed and priced. Others wait until all issues are finalized. Contractor availability, weather, and production lead times all enter into this decision. We work closely with clients and their designated parties to accommodate scheduling requirements.

Step 7 – Construction

Construction time for your Impresa Modular Home will depend upon many variables, including size and complexity of your house plan, access to and terrain characteristics of your building site, weather conditions and availability of subcontractors, and so forth. While awaiting the first house shipment most customers prepare their sites and install their foundation so that once the modular home sections arrive, no time is lost. Construction of the “weathered in” home for Impresa Modular Homes is always faster than “site built” construction.


After final closing, you are ready to move into your new home.