For several years many states, counties, and local jurisdictions have required fire sprinkler systems in new residential construction. However, in 2008, as part of the updating the International Residential Code (the building code used in 48 states) sprinkler systems were adopted as part of the 2009 update. What does this mean for you when you contemplate building your new home? First, check with your local permitting office or building code official. Have they adopted the 2009 building code? If so, did they exempt the requirement for home sprinkler systems? In either case, Impresa Modular offers the ability to include a fire sprinkler system in your new home, whether it is to meet local building code or for your peace of mind.


At Impresa Modular, we take pride in offering quality homes that are built to last. That’s why we’re pleased to offer built-in automatic home fire sprinkler systems to help you protect your home and your family for years to come. A fire sprinkler system is definitely worth adding to your building checklist.

More new homeowners are opting for fire sprinkler systems thanks to lower costs. Our state-of-the-art process ensures you’re getting the very best system customized to your new home build. Besides the obvious advantage of maximizing your protection in the event of a fire, an automatic home fire sprinkler system may reduce your home insurance costs.

Every home fire starts small. In just a few minutes, it can advance quickly, producing extreme heat and spreading highly toxic smoke. According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, a home fire can reach deadly proportions in just three minutes – or less.

Impresa Modular offers built-in home fire sprinkler systems that work automatically at the earliest stage of a fire, controlling the flames before they can build deadly heat and smoke. This gives your family the time you need to safely escape and limits the damage to a small area.

Compare this to a typical home fire in which 10 minutes or more passes from the time the fire is reported until the first fire truck arrives. Even if you escape unharmed, your home may be a total loss. We don’t want to see that happen any more than you do.

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Although adding a built-in automatic home sprinkler system costs a little more when you’re weighing your options for a new home from Impresa Modular, in the long run, it is well worth the investment. Besides the likelihood that a system will reduce your home insurance costs, it will also increase your home’s value and protect your investment. In addition, our precision manufacturing process enables us to build top-notch sprinkler systems right into your new modular home in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible.

One study found that the average damage from a home fire with a sprinkler system was less than $2,000, compared to $17,067 in homes without a sprinkler system. And, adding an automatic home sprinkler system is an environmentally friendly thing to do. These systems use less water to put out a fire in less time, conserving precious natural resources and preserving air quality. One study found that automatic home fire sprinkler systems use only about 300 gallons of water to extinguish a fire versus about 3,000 gallons of water used by firefighters.


Local building and fire codes most likely require you to install hard-wired smoke alarms, and these provide an early warning when a fire breaks out. But an automatic home fire sprinkler system gives you the ultimate protection by putting water on the flames immediately to control or extinguish the fire.

A home fire sprinkler system operates off the household water main and uses piping installed behind walls and ceilings in finished areas. Concealed sprinklers are attached to the piping at regular intervals. An unfinished basement may have exposed piping and pendent sprinklers instead. Sprinklers activate independently, so in the event of a fire, only the sprinkler closest to the flames will turn on. A recent study showed that in about 90% of home fires, only one sprinkler was necessary to control the fire.

Usually, each sprinkler can protect an area up to 12 square feet, but some sprinklers can protect even larger areas. Of course, we can customize your automatic home fire sprinkler system to meet your needs, delivering the high quality protection you deserve. Automatic home fire sprinklers can be incorporated into any interior design without sacrificing comfort or style.


In a stand-alone home sprinkler system, there’s a T connection called a riser between the water main and the water meter. This delivers water to the sprinklers and is the brains of the system. The riser includes the pressure gauge, a flow switch, a backflow valve if one is required, and a test and drain assembly. Some municipalities also require an automatic home fire sprinkler system to have a flow alarm or a backflow prevention device. Impresa Modular can customize any system to ensure it passes all applicable codes.

The flow switch monitors any water flow through the system and is wired to an inside alarm. The switch can also be connected to a monitored security system or wired to an outside horn or strobe to alert neighbors that a sprinkler has been activated in case fire strikes when no one is home.


  1. Sprinkler System Premium Package: We along with our licensed partners design, assemble and install the system in the modules at our manufacturing facility, then finish and test the system on-site. This package is designed for homes with:
    • Connection to a municipal water system
    • A minimum of 50 psi static water pressure to home
    • A minimum of 1½-inch water line to feed system in home
    • No amendments to NFPA code
    • An unfinished basement
  2. Sprinkler System With Special Requirements: This option is available for customers who would like the premium package but don’t meet all of the requirements. For instance, if your home will rely on well water or you want a finished basement, your sprinkler system would fall under this category.

To learn more about the home fire sprinkler system option, please contact Modular Home Consultant at Impresa Modular.