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3 2 1988 sqft
The Madison offers a spacious and comfortable living environment, perfect for families and individuals seeking modern amenities and functional space....
3 2 1248 sqft
The Minneola is a well-designed, spacious modular home that emphasizes comfort and functionality. It features an open-concept layout that integrates...
Lake Helen
3 2.5 2838 sqft
One of the standout features of the Lake Helen is its emphasis on natural light. Large windows are strategically placed...
Winter Gardens
2 2 2875 sqft
One of the standout features of the Winter Gardens design is its emphasis on natural light, with large windows that...
3 2 1764 sqft
One of the key highlight of the Oakland is its emphasis on natural light, with large windows throughout the home...
Lehigh Acres
3 2 2992 sqft
Upon entering the Lehigh Acres, you are welcomed into a spacious foyer that leads directly into the open-concept living area....
3 2.5 1870 sqft
The Jasper is a thoughtfully designed home that maximizes space and comfort, making it an excellent choice for families seeking...
Crystal Springs
2 2 1365 sqft
The Crystal Springs home is not only aesthetically pleasing but also emphasizes energy efficiency and sustainability, incorporating environmentally friendly materials...
Lake Hamilton
3 2.5 3896 sqft
The Lake Hamilton home plan is thoughtfully crafted to cater to both family living and entertaining. A spacious living area...
Spicer – Immediate Delivery
2 2 1375 sqft
The Spicer is a 2 bed, prow front home with spacious living area that caters to your the views. The...
Yukon – Immediate Delivery
3 2 1568 sqft
The Yukon plan offers eye-catching architectural details. This home has an optional upgraded double tray ceiling in the living area...
Blue Ridge Limited
3 2 1531 sqft
Homestead Retreat
3 3 6440 sqft
The Homestead Retreat is a spacious 6,440 sq. ft. modular barndominium designed for versatile living. This two-story home features three...
Max Premier II
3 2 1868 sqft

Building your own home can be one of the most exciting and rewarding efforts you can undertake. Let us show you how the design flexibility of modular homes can meet your lifestyle. It all starts with finding the perfect home plan. We have more than a thousand modular home floor plans offered regionally across the country. Search through our home plan collections to find the plan for you.

You may find one of our existing modular home plans is close to meeting your needs, but with just a few changes, it could be your dream home. Or you may have already found your perfect plan and you’re just looking to see if we offer a plan that is close to matching the one you have already selected.

Don’t waste your time! Most of the homes we build come from home plans provided by customers just like you. We can “modularize” many existing home plans to increase your value through modular.

Please contact your New Home Consultant for assistance with bringing your perfect home to life.

We design and build beautiful modular homes. The process starts here.