Impresa Modular was featured on DIY Network’s Breakneck Builds airing during December, January, and February. We are featured on two episodes of the show, “The Race for Space” and “It’s All About Family”. Two Stories about two families, two homes, in two days. Follow along as Impresa Modular delivers, installs and hands over the keys of brand new modular houses to homebuyers. Gone are months of construction, missed deadlines and overblown budgets. In Breakneck Builds, the house of the future sends traditional building practices straight to the past.

  • The Race for Space Ep. 11

    Dwight and Angie sold their previous home. The problem is they’re still living with Dwight’s parents. So they’re going modular to get into a proper family home as fast as possible.

  • It’s All About Family Ep. 12

    Michael and Christine used to love their small, downtown Baltimore row house, until their daughter was born. Now they’re going modular to get into a real family home as fast as they can.


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