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Building a new home is one of the biggest transactions a person can make in their lifetime. Did you know that the average American will buy at least three houses in their lifetime? Of those, only one will likely be a new construction, custom home. The lending rules change, the process is different, and there are lots of new things to learn… and Impresa is here to help, along with our partners!

Best in Class Experts!

The Home to Home (H2H™) Team at Impresa is our group of best-in-class experts that surrounds our clients with the support they need as they make one of the biggest transitions they will make in their lives. Building a new home often requires selling the previous home, obtaining financing, coordinating a move, finding land, and the list goes on. Impresa understands that handling each of these items can cause additional stress in our client’s already busy lives. Impresa’s H2H™ team members strive to make the transition to your new home a happy experience. Impresa delivers HAPPY!


If you need a mortgage to purchase your new home, get a preapproval from our H2H™ preferred lending partner, The Federal Savings Bank. If paying cash, establish a budget and determine how funds will be made available for payment.
If you need land, an H2H™ real estate agent partner can assist you with finding a parcel of land for your new home. Knowing your overall budget is first. Next, it’s time to determine your land versus home budget. The land should be purchased or under contract when deciding on your new home plan. The terrain can play a big part in deciding the home plan for you!
If you have a home to sell, about six months before you plan to move, contact an H2H™ real estate agent partner. They will assist you with the sale of your existing home.
Optimally, you should start talking with your Impresa New Home Consultant about 6 months before you plan to start building a home. Can it be done in less time? The answer is yes. But building a custom home on a scattered lot takes time. A compressed schedule is possible, but allowing for normal planning and construction timeframes can save stress and costs.

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