Impresa Modular offers dozens of modular home floor plans that include a variety of styles, sizes and functions to meet your everyday living needs.

When you choose you have three options:

  1. Select one of our many standard floor plans
  2. Customize one of our standard floor plans
  3. Create a complete custom design and make it uniquely your own

Standard Modular Home Floor Plans

Our friendly and knowledgeable design staff will ask you questions to ascertain what style of house you are looking for, the number of rooms you require, lot specifications, and additional preferences. From this information, they will direct you towards several floor plans that will meet your needs and spark your imagination.

Our standard home floor plans consist of a variety of styles including: Cape Cod, Traditional, Coastal, Colonial, Chalet, and Contemporary.

Choosing a standard modular home floor plan doesn’t mean that you are without options. Many modular home plans include optional basements, 2nd-floor space, master bath alternatives, garage, porch, and even alternate elevation plans. Do More With Modular™

Customizing a Standard Floor Plan

When you team with us, your vision of what you want for your home can become a reality. If you have selected a standard modular home floor plan but want to customize the kitchen, increase the bedroom size or add an outside porch, our design team can help. Our consultative approach to working with our customers ensures that you have years of experience and expertise behind your customized modular home floor plan design.

Complete Custom Design

We offer a unique Interactive Design Software program that is completely free and allows you to design a comprehensive custom modular home floor plan to your exact specifications. With our web-based Project Home Styler, you can design what you want and alter it as you go to come up with the plan that suits your needs and lifestyle- no blueprint experience necessary! The interactive design software is simple to use and supported by our experienced design team. Customer support is just a phone call away.

No matter which of the modular home floor plans you decide on, Impresa Modular allows you many options to uniquely customize the interior and exterior of your home. Interior decisions include – flooring, countertops, cabinetry, vanity tops, tubs, and showers, as well as, carpeting and molding. Exterior choices include – windows, locks, siding, shingles, doors, and shutters. Appliances and fixtures are also choices that will have to be considered.

When you team with Impresa Modular you also have the option of considering the options to utilize Universal design in your modular home plans that will enable you to plan for the future in case of illness, aging, or injury. Universal Design help eliminate costly renovations down the road if you should require larger doorways, fully accessible bathrooms, and other accommodations to make living in your home stress-free.

Experience Makes the Difference

We have the experience and knowledge to help guide you through our modular home floor plans to find one that suits your living requirements and design preferences. Select from any of our standard plans or customize a floor plan of your own – you won’t’ be disappointed with the results.