Times have changed.

McMansions are out — cozy, custom & practical are in!

It’s a collective return to the simple things in life, the important things. Think about what is most important to you? A building site with a special view or possibly a covered porch to sit on to admire that view. How about an eat-in kitchen that lets family and friends enjoy that special time together.

Whether it’s summers lounging on a patio or deck, or winters sitting in front of a warm stone fireplace, almost everyone’s perspective on what is truly important has changed… or has at least been re-evaluated. How about you? It’s not about what everyone else thinks, it’s all about your wants, your needs — how you will feel in your new home. Now think about what that means for your new home. It’s about building your home around your family, your friends, your lifestyle.

Custom home plans are not synonymous with large or quantity. It’s quality that matters.

Custom home plans should not be focused on size. Instead they should focus on the details you want in your home and how these details make the home a reflection of you. Modular construction is the perfect way to provide a truly custom home. The ability to produce a product exactly to your specification, to a precision manufacturing standard, at a value that cannot be surpassed is the hallmark of today’s modular home. At Impresa Modular it is exactly this capability coupled with our years of design experience and our friendly, consultative approach that makes us stand out with our prospective clients. Contact us for assistance in creating a custom home plan that represent you! You owe it to yourself.

Choose one of our standard plans

Impresa Modular offers a great selection of standard modular home floor plans. You can choose to start with one of these great plans, then allow us to make the customizations to make it the perfect plan for you.

Can’t find one our standard plans to start with but have found something close somewhere else? Send it to us so we may evaluate it. If it is already a modular home plan we can easily quote it for you incorporating your requested changes. If it is a “site-built” plan we may be able to “modularize” the plan thereby giving  you the value and quality only found in a custom modular home.

Can’t settle on just one plan?

Many of our customers find aspects from different modular home floor plans that they would like to incorporate into their unique home design. You can count on Impresa Modular to guide you through the process to arrive at a final plan that is perfect for your lifestyle. Contact us today to get started.

Many of our customers started dreaming of their new home years ago. Many have collected plans from many sources and have modified those plans over and over again. Sometimes in a notebook, on a home design software program, or even on a scrap of paper. Whatever the source and whatever the condition, we can start with what you have. Send it to us so we may evaluate it. If it is already a modular home plan we can easily quote it for you incorporating your requested changes. If it is a “site-built” plan we may be able to “modularize” the plan thereby giving  you the value and quality only found in a modular home. Feel free to use our Interactive Design Software to help you polish your plan if you wish before you send it to us.

We have amazed many customers with our ability to build a truly custom home from plans they have had and dreamed about building for years. Let us surprise you with comparable manufactured home floor plans. Contact us today to get started.

Are you just starting to choose or design your custom home plan? Great, that means you get to start out with the ability to access and draw upon our years of modular home design experience. Many times a customer describes the home plan of their dreams and we have either already built that home or have a plan that is very similar. We’ve done everything from simple Ranch style homes to 2-story modular homes. You name it.

Impresa Modular prides itself on being very friendly and helpful with our prospective customers. We are not a “high-pressure” company. Our customers genuinely like to work with us. When you feel at home with the team helping you to design your home, it turns what can be an exciting but stressful process into one that is enjoyable and fulfilling.

We utilize the latest in technology to help you with the planning and design of your home. Feel free to utilize our Free web-based home design software made available to our customers to begin the design of your home on your own. Learn about this software and getting started on our Interactive Design Page.

During your design process, Impresa Modular will provide you pricing at iterative points. Simple changes such as adding a dormer to a standard home plan is simple and can be priced immediately. Complex changes, additions, or deletions to standard plans or the creation of truly custom home plans will require actual engineering drawings to price accurately. We still turn these estimates around relatively quickly. Please allow 3 days to two weeks for Price Estimates in most cases.