Modular log homes are built by the manufacturer in different modules so that they conform to all state, local or regional building codes of the jurisdiction the log home will be located. These pre-built sections are then transported to the home site where they are set onto a foundation and permanently attached to the foundation. Because modular homes are built under controlled environmental conditions inside a factory, the chances of developing mold or mildew within the home are reduced dramatically when compared to traditional site built homes built out of doors.

Why Should I Pick a Modular Log Home?

Modular Homes are Customizable.

Customization of modular homes is one of the best reasons to select this type of house – the choices are endless. The builder can fill their dream home with as many bedrooms, bathrooms and arrange the living quarters any way they choose – all built to their specifications. While the home is an actual modular log home, all the modern conveniences are afforded the homeowner.

Modular Log Homes are Affordable.

Because you control the design and can even manage the construction process on your home, people have been known to save as much as 25% when making the decision to build a modular log home. These savings are yours to allow you to enjoy the thrill of taking out a smaller mortgage and having the opportunity to pay that mortgage off in a shorter amount of time. You can also add in extra amenities that otherwise would not be within reach. Appliances, kitchen upgrades, and even extra rooms can be afforded when making the decision to build out your log home.

Modular Homes are Environmentally Friendly

The fact that your modular log home is built in a factory allows for a manufacturing process to be used that is refined across a large number of homes to work in favor of the environment. Waste is significantly reduced as the process is continually improved and extra materials are able to be used on the next home being constructed. Modular homes are favorable in this comparison because a traditionally built home (on-site build) has little opportunity to re-use any leftover material. Most often that material is simply discarded causing a larger environmental footprint, which is not the case with modular construction.

The factory construction process that modular log homes follow are a streamlined and efficient system. Homes are built at the same time that the foundation is being prepared on site. Homes can be constructed in a very short time period depending on the type of modular home selected.

Find out if a Modular Log Home is Right For You

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