How it Works

Impresa Modular will help you to build a home from the early planning stages of budgeting, financing, and design through site preparation and construction. You will be provided Impresa Modular’s comprehensive and easy to follow Construction Manual which includes building schedules, building steps, lists of required suppliers/subcontractors and itemized budget examples.

It is your new home and you are the owner-builder in control with Impresa Modular right behind you. You will take the lead in the following tasks:

Phase 1: Planning

Financing – Obtain a construction and permanent loan as necessary for your specific requirements. We have many lenders to get you started.

Land – You select your location and building site. We can help you analyze the desirability of your site for your specific home.

Plans – Bring in your plans or ideas of what you want to build. We provide the tools and the experience to modify a standard home construction plan or let you create a fully custom modular home plan.

Budget – Based upon your home plan and subcontractor estimates you will create a budget for your new home project. We have budgeting tools to help you format a budget that you can follow.

Phase 2: Construction

Permits – You apply for building permits yourself. We are there to support you and your subcontractors through this process.

Scheduling & Ordering of Materials – You coordinate and manage the subcontractors and delivery of materials. Following the free Customer Responsibility Guide will give you the steps you need to successfully coordinate the construction of your new home.

Subcontractors & Suppliers – You will choose the subcontractors to perform tasks that you can’t do or choose not to do. Sample Subcontractor Contracts are provided to make it easier to coordinate this part of the construction.

Inspections – You manage and coordinate the various inspections needed. Each jurisdiction and/or permitting office has different inspection points and requirements. They will provide them to you with the permit.

Paying of Bills – You will authorize the checks. You control the money. You will monitor the completion of your new home through job site visits.

Can Do Attitude

The whole process is very satisfying. However, even the best project has its delays; weather, inspections, missing deliveries, etc. With a can do attitude and some flexibility you will do what many others before you have already done, manage the construction of your own new home! Always remember, we are never more than a phone call away!