If you are reading this, then there is a fairly traumatic reason behind it. First, we want to wish you the best in your time of need. Next, we want you to know that you are reason that we developed the Impresa Modular Quick Recovery Program.

We developed this program, which speeds up the process of buying and building a new home, to get you back on your feet quickly. In any disaster, the country and community come together in times of need. Our facilities are located nearby and can help provide our services quickly when you need them most. We personally will work with you to accelerate our processes to get you back into your new home quickly.

How Does It Work?

Impresa Modular is uniquely qualified to provide a new home quickly practically anywhere. Our facilities are located within a few hours of almost every town and city in the country. If disaster strikes and you need to rebuild, contact your Home Consultant at Impresa Modular. They are skilled in working through situations just like yours and are happy to work with your insurance agent to help you start on the path to recovery.

Modular is Stronger

FEMA recognizes that Modular Construction is inherently stronger.

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Your home consultant will work with you to customize one of our many standard floor plans, develop a new floor plan, or even help rebuild your homes floor plan at one of our facilities. Once we have started, we will:

  • Help with Permits
  • Coordinate Contracts
  • Work with your Insurance Agent on any financial details
  • We work to prioritize your home to the top of our production list.

We help you with the details that tend to cause the most frustration. This allows you to focus on the other things that matter most.

It’s as simple as that. You have already been through enough. We hope you will take advantage of Impresa Modular’s Quick Recovery Program and get moving in the right direction soon. To learn more about how we can help you with this priority program, contact a Home Consultant today.

Frequently Asked Questions

A home typically can take 5-6 weeks to schedule and deliver from our facilities. We prioritize your home to deliver it to your home site in about 4 weeks. Please note that many factors can change this; unique home requirements, site conditions, permitting, etc.
Impresa Modular’s construction facilities aren’t hampered by bad weather like site built homes. We also don’t suffer from the material shortages and pricing spikes that can happen in areas that have suffered a wide spread disaster. Because your home will be built indoors, it is not only built faster but more accurately than a home built outdoors.
The answer is Yes. While we may need to work with you to “modularize” the floor plan, we can fairly accurately recreate your previous home plan and in many cases, make it better. In addition, we can rebuild it to a standard that is highly energy efficient and to a level of construction that isn’t typically found elsewhere in today’s home construction.
Modular construction is based on assembling a series of modules on the building site to create your new home. We can assemble 2 modules to more than 20 modules to recreate your home. Anything built onsite can be built into one of our homes. With modular construction, it will even be built better.
You can click here to learn more about the construction process. We have facilities throughout the country. Please ask your Home Consultant about our Travel and Tour Program to see firsthand how, with the modular construction, we can deliver your home quickly with the quality your deserve.