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Modular Home Construction in Alabama

Impresa Modular plans, designs, and builds modular homes. For those new to building a home, the most impressive thing about modular homes isn’t what you can see or the materials used in its construction. It is simply how it is made. It is built in a precision factory. There are many misconceptions about modular construction and confusion between it and other types of construction. While other homes are built in a factory, they are not the same. Modular homes are built to the same building code as a home built on site. A modular home is a stick built home, however it is stick built off site to the local building code and delivered and set on a permanent foundation. It is actually built to an even higher standard so it can be rigid and withstand the transportation and installation process.

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What’s in a Modern Modular Home?

A modern modular home uses the latest in construction science and modern building techniques to take advantage of being built indoors and in a precision factory environment. When trying to lower energy bills, modular homes shut out leakage and air infiltration. The advantage of indoor construction means the home is built from the inside out, instead of the outside in. There is no need to worry about rain and other elements common in Alabama. One of the last things done in the construction process is the exterior finish of the home.

Because construction takes place from the inside out, the exterior wall cavities of the home are open so that additional fastening can be completed. Caulks and high-end sealants are applied to eliminate air movement. Each electrical outlet is sealed to insure that no air flows in around wiring holes or plumbing pipes. This just can’t be done with traditional homes that are constructed outside. This guarantees you will have a better built home.

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Modular Homes offer safety and security for your family!

The Strength of Modular Homes means Safety and Security

Once a home’s modules are completed in the factory they are delivered to your home site by truck on carriers. They are assembled by lifting them with a crane and placing them gently on your foundation. After they are attached to the foundation they are then attached to each other. Through this process they become structurally integrated. The engineering of modular homes, according to FEMA, means they are more durable than site built homes when it comes to withstanding the forces of storms, such as high winds and driving rains. Indoor construction means that moisture isn’t trapped in the home during the construction process. This eliminates concerns over mold and mildew. In comparison to traditional homes built onsite, utilizing modular construction means you are providing your family with the additional safety and security they deserve.

Sweet Home Alabama

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