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Today’s Modular Home Construction is Energy-efficient and Quality Built

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After so many years of excellent modular home construction growth and adoption, I sometimes find it frustrating that confusion still exists over the meaning of this construction method.

So many people still confuse the term modular home construction with “manufactured home” or “mobile home” (think trailer). They are not one in the same. In fact, there are huge differences between them.

A modular home is built off-site, in modules, to the same building code and uses the same materials as a site-built home.

I would like you to think about the following story:

Today at work I checked my email on my precision, factory built computer, which was setting on my precision, factory built desk. My wife called me on my precision, factory built cell phone as I prepared to drive my precision, factory built car to my precision, factory built home.

Except for the precision, factory built home, you probably wouldn’t hesitate to purchase all of the items mentioned above because you know they are made in a controlled and precise factory-based manufacturing environment. Actually, you are probably more likely to buy precision, factory built products because their quality and consistency are assured.


When you buy a modern automobile, what characteristics do you use to describe it? Do safe and healthy, energy-efficient, stylish, and quality built come to mind? Now, can you imagine building that same car in your driveway?

What if you had to take each tool out of your garage every day and move it out to your driveway to work on the car? Think about the rain getting on your seats and into the carpet. What health hazards would develop as mold and mildew grew in your finished car.

Do you think it would run as efficiently as one built in a factory on a precision manufacturing line where quality inspectors are there each step of the way?

The next time you drive by a car dealership and see the safe, stylish and high quality cars, think about it. Why would anyone in their right mind still buy a car built in their driveway like was done over a hundred years ago when a modern alternative exists?

As a custom home builder, we have done that analysis. That is why we choose to only use modular home construction to deliver safe and healthy, energy-efficient, stylish, and quality built homes to our customers.


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Ken Semler

Ken Semler

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Hi, I am Ken Semler the founder of Impresa Modular. I am passionate about our company and the homes that we provide. Modern modular construction enables us to deliver healthy, safe, and energy-efficient living spaces. Impresa Modular is a licensed/registered/certified builder/contractor in almost every state. I believe that modular homes provide the best way to deliver virtually unlimited design flexibility at the greatest value.

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  1. Agree that modular/factory-built homes must be the preferred alternative in current environments. Quality control, weather protected, consistency of labour and easily installed specialist
    items make this a highly desirable method of delivering.

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