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When Experience Counts

Your new custom home is potentially the single biggest investment you will make in your life. When you are choosing a homebuilder, you are trusting that investment with somebody that must have the experience and knowledge to protect your investment and faithfully deliver your custom home. When experience counts you can count on Impresa Modular. We are the only nationwide custom modular homebuilder. We bring that experience and size to every project we undertake, and then we put that experience into delivering your custom home in New York!

Build Your Modular Home In New York with Impresa Modular

Modular Homes. Peace of Mind.

With the power of the internet, consumers today have the ability to do research on products more thoroughly and more easily than ever. We enjoy working with educated home buyers. Home buyers that find us after doing all of the research become our best customers. They have already researched site built construction. They have learned about the long build times, the poor quality, the lack of quality subcontractors, and an industry that is plagued with builders that struggle to deliver the homes they contract to build. They have also found out how site builders give one price for a home and then, through change orders, end up increasing the final price by 10, 20, even 30% over what the original contract price.

When those same buyers research modular construction they have learned about the factory assembly process. They have researched modular design and learned how modular construction delivers virtually limitless possibilities. Anything that can be built on site can be built in a factory. However, with modular homes, their homes are built in a controlled, indoor environment. No rain on their floors, multiple quality inspections… in addition to code inspections (which may, or may not, be performed onsite), and the strength built right in to insure a successful delivery and home completion at your home site. They have found that learning the truth about modular construction has given them what they were looking for when building their new custom home – peace of mind.

Build Modular, Build Modern!
Modular is the Modern Solution | Build with Impresa Modular in New York

Flexible Design, Beautiful Homes for New York

Take a look at our standard designs, we build beautiful modular homes. We have more than a thousand standard plans of all sizes available in New York. However, about 70% of the homes that we built are actually completely custom homes. The design was brought to us by our customer and we “modularized” and built their custom modular home using their floor plan. They may have paid an architect, designed it on their dining room table, or found something they liked on the internet and customized it to meet their specific need. We can design and build your chalet home on the ski slopes at Gore Mountain in the Adirondacks, we can build your cabin in the Catskills, and we can build your 5,000 sq. ft. home in the Hamptons. We can build any home in between, whether it be a traditional home or a contemporary home. At Impresa Modular, we know modular design and have the flexibility to design and build your beautiful custom home.

New York – The Empire State

New York’s world famous landmarks, like the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and Rockefeller Center are located in New York City. New York City is also home to the New York Stock Exchange, the largest in the world. New York State has many other famous points of interesting including the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, The White Mountains, the Finger Lakes, The U.S. Military Academy at West Point, and the Catskill Mountains.

State Facts & Fun

The Woodstock Music and Arts Fair was actually held in Bethel.

Build in New York

Interested in building in New York? We have an extensive selection of modular home plans and a consultant for your area who is waiting to help you with every detail along the way. Let's get started!

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