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Modular Home Construction in Georgia

Impresa Modular is the leader in custom modular home building in Georgia. Years of home building experience led us to choose modular construction as the exclusive construction method we use when building custom homes for our customers. Traditional construction hasn’t changed in almost 200 years. How many times have you driven by a home under construction just to see the water puddles lying on the floor and piles of wet lumber lying in the mud? We can’t take the risk of introducing that moisture into your home along with the mold and mildew that will likely follow. Modern modular construction offers a healthier, stronger, and beautifully designed alternative to the old way of building homes.

Impresa Modular is the only nationwide builder of custom modular homes in the country. Our Custom Home Consultants are here to collaborate with you each step of the way as you plan, design, and build your new home. When value, style, and quality are important, you can trust the team at Impresa Modular to be the right partner to build your new custom home.

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Modular Homes – The Future is Now

Homebuyers today have the ability to perform large amounts of research on building their new home well before they ever pick up a phone or visit a builder. An educated buyer is our best customer. Take a moment and think about the last time you drove by a home that was being built outside in the elements… for months. Now imagine if we built cars the same way. You stop by a car dealer and pick out a new model. A few days later he has all of the parts delivered to your home. A few days after that he sends out a mechanic, along with all of his tools, to start assembling the car… in your driveway. He gets started. After a few days it rains. The carpet and the seats get wet but the car has to be completed so he installs them anyway. Since the parts are stored outside someone steals the front bumper. The mechanic gets another one ordered and continues working on the car. A supervisor from the dealer stops by once or twice to make sure everything is going “ok”. Finally the car is complete about six weeks later and ready to drive.

Now imagine while you are doing your research that you discover that they can actually build cars in a factory. You order a car. The car is built in an environmentally controlled factory. The parts are stored securely inside and under roof. Skilled craftsmen work in an assembly line process with the proper tools at each station to do their job correctly and efficiently. Inspectors are there to insure regulatory compliance, as well as insure the quality of each car. In a matter of days your brand new high quality car is delivered to you. There is a night and day difference between the two cars. Sounds kind of crazy doesn’t it? Now think about the last time you saw a home being built in the rain. Do you think that homeowner would have built his home the same way if he had done some additional research and learned about modular homes?

Build Modular, Build Modern!
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Planning Your New Modular Home

When you are ready to start planning the construction of your modular home just contact our team at Impresa Modular. We have the experience and knowledge to answer your questions and get you started. When it comes to building modular homes, it is a process that we have helped thousands of customers with over the years and we are ready to assist you today. Whether it is a beach home at St. Simons, a cabin on Lake Lanier, a log home on the Tesnatee River, or a more traditional home anywhere in between; we are here to support you. Let Impresa Modular be your trusted partner to plan, design, and build your custom home.

Georgia – The Peach State

While many know Georgia as the Peach State, a little known fact is that GA is the largest state east of the Mississippi River. Georgia has a strong agricultural economy and is also the largest producer of pecan, peanuts, and Vidalia onions. A diverse geography allows you to travel from the mountains of Appalachia to the coast line of Savannah within the state borders.

State Facts & Fun

The name of the famous south Georgia swamp, the Okefenokee, is derived from an Indian word meaning the trembling earth.

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