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Why Impresa Modular?

The Answer is Simple.

When it comes to selecting your new home builder in Arkansas, you want to choose a builder that you can trust, and that has the experience and knowledge you can rely on during the process. Building a new home is a process. A lot of planning goes into designing and building new modular homes. You are going to have many questions during the process. As a normal part of the construction process, something will come up… a weather delay, an order backlog, a change in plans. That is precisely when you need someone with the knowledge and experience of Impresa Modular on your team. We are the only nationwide modular home builder in the country. Our continued expansion has been a natural result of our success at assisting our customers to get what they wanted; a custom home and an enjoyable, consistent building process.

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Modular Homes Provide All of the Advantages of Site-Built Homes… and More

Modular homes are stick built homes. The main difference is that they are built offsite in a factory and indoors. This means your home and its materials, are kept under the protective roof of a factory. Traditional site built homes are built outdoors in the elements. Think about the last time you drove by a new home being built outside. Did you notice the water puddles on the floor? Or, was the wind blowing the rain through the openings where the windows and doors hadn’t been installed yet? A lot of moisture was getting onto the floors and into the walls.

Our homes are built using industry standard products and with the latest in building technology. We take advantage of the fact that we can build a much better home indoors. Indoor factory construction means there is no hurry to get the exterior sheathing of your home completed. We build your home from the inside out, not the other way around. What this means to you is that we can have access to the inside of the exterior walls throughout most of the construction of your home. We can seal every outlet and seal any gaps against air infiltration. Modular homes are just built “tighter”. They are also built stronger to withstand the stresses of being transported to your site on carriers and lifted by a crane to be placed upon your foundation. Why trust traditional, old style construction? The additional strength and protection can give you peace of mind knowing your family is safer in a storm because you chose a modular home.

Build Modular, Build Modern!
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Beautiful Custom Modular Homes in Arkansas

Flexible design is a hallmark of modular construction. We can build homes in almost any style to meet your needs. Whether it is a fishing lodge on Lake Ouachita, a log cabin modular home in the Ozarks, or a more traditional home anywhere in between, we can build it using modular construction. We can provide modular homes with any number of exterior finishes and we can create amazing homes with large open floor plans, vaulted ceilings, high end kitchens and tile bathrooms. We build beautiful modular homes.

Arkansas – The Natural State

The name Arkansas means south wind and comes from a name used by some Native Americans to describe an early tribe in the area. Among the state’s greatest assets are its seven national park sites, 13 major lakes, and two mountain ranges. Scenic drives lead to breathtaking vistas in the Ozarks and the Ouachitas, more than 9,000 miles of streams and rivers provide outstanding fishing and canoeing opportunities. As a predominantly agricultural state in the past, Arkansas has been successful in creating more of a balance between industrial and agricultural production.

Today production in Arkansas includes such a wide range of finished items as color television sets, clothing, furniture, prepared foods, chemicals, aircraft components, communications equipment, boats, electric motors, machine tools, and pulp and paper products creating a growing economic opporetunity.

State Facts & Fun

Mountain View is home to one of the largest producers of handmade dulcimers in the world.

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Interested in building in Arkansas? We have an extensive selection of modular home plans and a consultant for your area who is waiting to help you with every detail along the way. Let's get started!

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