If You Build it (using Modular Construction), They Will Come

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Off-site construction is taking off. Many prospective home buyers are discovering that having their home built indoors, in a controlled environment, provides a better home for them and their family. While there are several types of off-site construction, advances in modular construction in just the last few years has propelled it into the spotlight! The internet has become the best friend of the modular construction method. Now, more than ever before, home buyers believe it is important to know how their home is built. Google, Alexa, and Siri are teaming up to share the advantages of modular construction with curious home buyers.

Build it with Quality

Just about everything you buy is built in a factory. When you purchase something that has been factory produced, you assume quality. You know that it has been made indoors. In a factory product, you get consistency in the product itself. The term modular home is actually a misnomer. Modular is a construction process, not a specific type of building. It describes how the home was constructed, not what the building is. The secret is in the process. When building anything with a consisted and managed process, quality is a natural by-product of that process. Modular construction builds quality into your new home.

Build it with Unique Design

Most products you use today have changed. As they are used, they get better. Technology improves, new materials are invented, and more cost effective ways to make products are discovered. It is the same with modular construction. Engineered lumber, better fastening systems, and better CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software means homes built with modular construction can come in just about any shape, size, and style. See how modular construction can embrace your unique home design.

Build it to be Energy Efficient

Building a home indoors means attention to detail. The thermal envelope is one of the key elements of an energy efficient house. The parts of thermal envelope include the outer walls, roof, floor, windows and doors. The purpose of the thermal envelope is to prevent air transfer (leakage) into or out of the home. Building outdoors and in uncontrolled conditions makes the job of consistently sealing every hole in the thermal envelope nearly impossible. Modular construction owns the holes. This means that by its very nature, factory construction is precision construction. Wall assemblies fit tight floor and roof assemblies. Windows and doors are flashed and sealed in a consistent manner. Building indoors builds energy efficiency into a new home.


Build it for Healthy Living

Modular construction concentrates the manufacturing of many homes in one location. This means that consistent processes can be applied. Purchasing materials is one of those processes. Because the same basic products are purchased for each home, quality standards are consistent. Low or no VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) products is the standard in most factories. Because your home never gets rained on, moisture isn’t trapped in the home. Mold and mildew, items that can impact breathing and health, never get a foothold in a factory built home. Duct work isn’t put in place so drywall dust and other construction contaminants don’t find their way into your heating and cooling ducts. Left there to be dissipated over years of use. Tight, indoor construction processes means a healthier living for you and your family.

Build it with Value

The process of modular construction is the equivalent of construction efficiency. Efficiency means planning the entire construction process. The process builds efficiency in many ways. Here are just a few:

  • Better Use of Materials – Material can be bought in the lengths and sized needed versus being cut as needed throwing away the scrap.
  • Buying Materials in Bulk – Instead of buying materials by the pickup truck load, factories pull the material needs of many homes together to negotiate better prices with suppliers lowering overall costs.
  • Construction Planning – Because modular construction is a factory process, it happens fast. Decisions for every item has to be made before a home’s construction is started. Change orders and cost overruns are minimized because decisions have to made early in the process.

Build it with the Modular Advantage

Modular construction is taking off in the U.S. On the commercial side, it is being embraced by hotels, colleges for new housing, and by the assisted living industry for new projects. Schools, hospitals, and restaurants have discovered that modular construction can build faster, more cost effectively and to a higher standard than they can achieve with the traditional methods of construction.

Custom modular home construction is now seeing that same growth. The internet is a great place to research the advantages of modular construction for new homes. With rising costs, the loss of construction labor, and increasing regulations, building a new custom home affordably is more difficult than ever before. Come see how building with modular can give the advantage you need for your new home!

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