Impressa Modular, formerly Express Modular

Express Modular Announces Rebrand to Impresa Modular

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The new brand reinforces the company’s investment in innovation and serves as an opportunity to remain unique in the marketplace.

Rebranding to Impresa Modular

modular factoryExpress Modular, established in 2008, started as a disruptive, technology-driven, custom modular home builder. We are changing our name to better reflect our identity driven by rapid expansion. The company is changing its name to Impresa Modular to better reflect the company’s long-term vision of providing a range of high-quality, on-demand, reliable services to home buyers, builders and developers, as well as opportunities for franchising.

Modern modular construction is emerging as the preferred solution for custom home buyers. In this age of automation, modular construction offers healthy, safe, and energy-efficient homes at a great value. Flexible design options and the ability to construct a home 30-50% faster in virtually any style are hallmarks of today’s modular home.  

The new name follows strategic and explosive growth. Already well-established as a market leader and gaining momentum after the recent launch of Impresa Modular Franchising, Impresa Modular is now focused on expanding its infrastructure. It is creating tighter connectivity with its factory sales and design systems. The new name better positions the company and provides greater flexibility for future expansion, evolution, and adoption of added services for our customers.

The Path to New Opportunities

Our new name is a reflection of our leadership in the modular construction industry and our ability to reimagine how homes are built. We are more than Express Modular – it’s not just about building custom homes quickly. We build homes that impress. We have changed the perception of what modular homes can be across the country.   

The company will continue to leverage its unique internal systems and ubiquitous internet presence to deliver an outstanding customer experience.   Under the new name, the business will invest in expanded internet features and gain additional service partners to deliver a unique Internet-based home buying and delivery experience. 

We want to continue harnessing the constant cycle of innovation, which requires us to explore and investigate new technology, and this applies to just about everything we do. We have witnessed the competitive advantage of embracing and implementing new technology first-hand. This next step opens even more doors and creates new opportunities for us and our customers.

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