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Impresa Modular in Texas

When Experience Counts.

When it comes to building your new modular home, you need a company with experience. You need a company with the knowledge that comes from years of designing and building customized modular homes. Our team is the most experienced in the country when it comes to modular construction. Our customers depend on our experience and knowledge to guide them through the home building process. Impresa Modular is the only nationwide modular home building company in the U.S. Impresa Modular is a company you can trust to plan, design, and build your new home. When experience counts, you can count on Impresa Modular

Custom Modular Homes Built by Impresa Modular

What’s in a Modern Modular Home?

Modular construction isn’t new. For years companies have been breaking down products into component parts and then assembling them into a completed product. This can happen for many reasons. Sometimes it is the complexity of the product itself and by keeping components small, quality can be increased in the overall completed product. For many years windows and door were actually built onsite just like the home. However, by manufacturing windows and doors offsite in a factory, they could be built at a much lower price and much better quality. We have taken that one step further today. This is essentially what happens when building modular homes. The home is divided into sections called modules. These modules are then constructed in a factory where the quality can be more tightly controlled, both from a supervised labor aspect, as well as protected materials and inventory management aspect. Overall, a better home is provided because of modular construction.

Build Modular, Build Modern!
7 Easy Steps to Get Started Building Your Modular Home

Flexible Design, Beautiful Homes

Impresa Modular can customize a home with dozens of options, a wide range of color selections, and by enlarging standard floor plans. Impresa Modular is the leader in modular home construction.. We are innovators in designing and building modular homes for our customers. We can create large openings, 9’ tall ceilings, high end interior finishes and practically any exterior finish. We can create a Texas Ranch in Austin, a fishing cabin on Lake Texoma, a beach home for South Padre Island, or a traditional home anywhere else in the state. We partner with you to plan, design, and build beautiful modular homes.

Everything is Big in Texas

Texas is the only state to ever be its own country known as the, “The Independent Republic of Texas”. Having immense natural resources, the state is a huge agricultural state and an industrial giant. Texas is second only to Alaska in area and it leads all states in such categories as oil, cattle, sheep, and cotton.

Tourists can visit more than 100 state parks, recreation areas, and other points of interest such as the Gulf Coast resort area, the Alamo in San Antonio, the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center in Houston, and the Big Bend and Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

State Facts & Fun

Texas is the only state to enter the United States by treaty instead of territorial annexation.

Build in Texas

Interested in building in Texas? We have an extensive selection of modular home plans and a consultant for your area who is waiting to help you with every detail along the way. Let's get started!

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