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When Experience Counts.

When you select a builder for your custom home in Michigan, there is an implied level of trust. There has to be. You are selecting a partner to deliver what is probably the single largest purchase you will ever make. Did you ever stop to think what it takes to build trust? Experience. It takes experience that is built up over years of gaining knowledge, delivering on promises, overcoming hardships, communicating, and meeting obligations. Only when you have that level of experience can you expect to receive someone’s trust. Impresa Modular has grown to become the only national custom modular home builder in the country. We did that over many years, gaining the experience we needed to earn the trust of our many clients.

Modular Home Builder in Michigan

Modular Homes – The Future is Now

Today’s homebuyer is more educated than ever before. There are so many ways to do research and we are happy that you are taking the time to explore modular construction for your new custom home. However, many don’t take the time to research other options. They instinctively use onsite construction because: “That’s the way we have always done it.” Have you ever driven down the road and watched a new home as it is being constructed onsite? Was it raining or snowing? Did you see the water puddles or a fresh white blanket of snow on the floor? Think about buying your next car. You call the dealer and he has all the parts delivered to your home. A few days later he sends over the mechanic and he brings all of his tools along with him. Over several weeks he works in your driveway to build your new car. It has rained and the seats and carpet have gotten wet. Someone has stolen the rear bumper and he has to reorder it. He has to keep on schedule so the seats and carpet are installed anyway. Eventually he gets done and you can drive your brand new car.

Now instead, imagine that through your research you learn that they can actually build cars in factories now. When you buy your car from the factory it was built using a precision construction process. Your car is built indoors and protected from the elements. Not only that, but all the parts and materials used to build your car were stored indoors and away from the elements. There were inspectors there at each station to make sure that your car was built to meet regulatory requirements as well as quality standards. The process was faster and quality was much better. Many finished cars were able to roll out of the factory each day. Because of the efficiencies, your car even costs less than the other car built outside.

It makes you wonder, when others build a home “The way we have always done it.”, would they have done it differently if they had done a little more research and found out about modular homes?

Build Modular, Build Modern!
Modular Homes can be custom too!

Beautiful Custom Modular Homes in Michigan

Flexible design is a hallmark of modular construction. We can build homes in almost any style to meet your needs. Whether it is a log home in Au Train on the Upper Peninsula, a fishing lodge on Lake Superior, a coastal home on Lake Huron, or a more traditional home anywhere in between, we can build it using modular construction. We can provide modular homes with any number of exterior finishes and we can create amazing homes with large, open floor plans, vaulted ceiling, high end kitchens and tile bathrooms. We build beautiful custom homes.

Michigan’s State Motto – If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look around you.

Bordering on four of the five Great Lakes, Michigan is divided into Upper and Lower peninsulas by the Straits of Mackinac, which link lakes Michigan and Huron. Michigan is well known as the center of automobile production with points of interest including automobile plants in Dearborn, Detroit, Flint, Lansing, and Pontiac. Recreational point of interest include: Mackinac Island; Pictured Rocks and Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshores; Greenfield Village in Dearborn. Additionally there are the many summer resorts along both the inland lakes and Great Lakes.

State Facts & Fun

Standing anywhere in the state a person is within 85 miles of one of the Great Lakes.

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