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Impresa Modular in Maryland

Impresa Modular is your experienced custom home builder in Maryland. Over the years we have found that modular construction is the perfect way to eliminate many issues inherent in on-site construction. Remember the last time you drove by a home site in the rain to see the puddles of water building up on the floor of the unfinished home? Did you ask yourself, “What happens to all of that moisture?” Well, in years past the home would have been allowed to dry out before the roof and walls were completed. Not today. In the rush to stay on schedule, the moisture gets trapped into the home leading to the inevitable issues of mold and mildew. So many children and adults today have allergies and breathing issues. The pressure to build quickly makes site built construction obsolete.

With modular construction, a home can stay on schedule because the home is being built at the same time as the site work and foundation are being completed. There is no need to finish the foundation before home construction starts. As soon as your foundation is ready, we can deliver a dry, safe, beautiful custom modular home to your site that is 70-85% complete and install it on the foundation within one to three days.

Modular Homes Mean Consistent Quality

Modular construction means your home is built indoors. This means that your modular homes design is divided into sections called modules and built in assembly line fashion in a factory. One of the advantages of factory construction is that your home is built indoors. It has never gotten wet. Actually, the materials to build your home have never gotten wet. They are stored inside the production facility meaning you and your family don’t have to worry about wet building materials.

By having our experienced craftsman working daily at the same location and with direct supervision, quality is drastically increased. Materials are purchased by the semi-truck load, not the pickup truck load. Because of large volume purchases, your home is built with higher quality materials and you receive the costs savings by getting your home at a much better value.

Build Modular, Build Modern!

Get a Custom Built Modular home in Maryland

Building a new custom home can be a complex project. Modular construction allows you to take what can seem like significant effort and have the majority of it completed in a factory. Impresa Modular can design and build a mountain top chalet home for Garrett County, a cabin for Deep Creek Lake, or a beach home for Ocean City. We can build a traditional home or contemporary home and anything in-between. By completing much of the home offsite, onsite subcontractors have less influence on scheduled delays. Quality is controlled and your new custom home is completed much more quickly than with conventional onsite construction. Modern modular homes are the way to get a safe and healthy custom built home.

Maryland – Old Bay, Crab Cakes, and the Chesapeake Bay

The Chesapeake Bay, and the many estuaries and rivers create one of the longest waterfronts of any state. The Bay produces more seafood—oysters, crabs, clams, fin fish—than any comparable body of water. The state stretches west to the Appalachian Mountains offering the full range of year round outdoor recreation.

Important attractions include the Inner Harbor in Baltimore and U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis. Other popular attractions in Maryland are the Fort McHenry National Monument, the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historic Parks and the Antietam National Battlefield.

State Facts & Fun

Located in the Chesapeake Bay, Smith Island is Maryland's only inhabited off-shore island.

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