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When it comes to building your new custom modular home, you want a partner you can depend on. You need a partner that has the expertise and knowledge that only comes from years of experience and success. Impresa Modular’s size is a result of its success. We have grown to become the only nationwide builder of custom modular homes in the country. What this means for you is that we bring that knowledge, experience, and success to each and every custom home that we build. Our experience is unparalleled when it comes to planning, designing, and building your custom home. Our team collaborates with you through the entire process. Communication is probably the most important aspect of any project. We have the communication tools to insure we keep you up to date step-by-step through the construction process from beginning to end. We are your source when you are ready to build your new custom modular home.

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Modular Homes. Peace of Mind.

Maine winters are harsh. Homes have to be built to withstand the elements and perform well when it comes to energy efficiency. Modular construction was made for Maine winters!  The first advantage is that your home is built in a factory. This means that with modular construction your home will be completed to a level of quality that can’t be beat with outdoor construction. Your home’s floor will never get rained or snowed on because it is built under roof in an environmentally controlled factory. The materials to build it with are also stored indoors. This means you won’t suffer the same potential issues with warping or worse yet, mold and mildew in your home.

The second advantage is that your home is built faster, meaning any weather delays when preparing your site for the foundation doesn’t put your new custom home at risk to the elements later in the construction process. Your home is being built in the factory at the same time your site work is being done and your foundation is being built. This eliminates time from the construction process. When the modules for your home arrive, they are quickly assembled on your foundation in as little as a day. With the home arriving about 75% complete, it will only take a matter of weeks to complete the remaining interior and exterior finishes, connect the utilities, and prepare to move into the completed home. All of this was accomplished at a value that is hard to beat when it comes to building your custom home.

Build Modular, Build Modern!
10 Pointers for Building Green

Better for the Environment – Built in Energy Savings

Factory precision is the key to energy efficiency. Building indoors means your home is completed from the inside out. This allows you to take advantage of sealing the inside walls before the outside walls are covered. Thinking about building a chalet home with a large vaulted ceiling overlooking slopes at Black Mountain? How about building a log cabin on the river near Bingham? Or a seaside cottage on the coast near Bar Harbor? Modular construction can be used to build each and every one of these home styles to exceed energy efficiency requirements making then comfortable to live in and economical to heat. Modular homes provide all of this at a value that can’t be beat!

Maine- Famous for its Lobster

Maine lobstermen land millions of pounds of Lobster every year making it famous for the red crustacean that can reach up to 44 pounds. With a scenic seacoast, beaches, lakes, mountains, and resorts; Maine is a popular vacationland. There are more than 2,500 lakes and 5,000 streams, plus more than 30 state parks to attract hunters, fishermen, skiers, and campers. Some major points of interest include Bar Harbor, Acadia National Park, Allagash National Wilderness Waterway, the Wadsworth-Longfellow House in Portland, Roosevelt Campobello International Park, and the St. Croix Island National Monument.

State Facts & Fun

Maine is the only state in the United States whose name has one syllable.

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Interested in building in Maine? We have an extensive selection of modular home plans and a consultant for your area who is waiting to help you with every detail along the way. Let's get started!

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