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Modular Home Construction in Indiana

Impresa Modular is the only nationwide modular home builder in the country. We deliver modular homes to over 40 states. What that means is we have grown successfully because of our customers. By building in so many locations across the country we have designed almost every style of home, built our homes in almost every location, and created almost every design you can imagine. This is experience that very few builders can ever offer to their customers. Every customer that builds a custom home with Impresa Modular has access to that experience and expertise that we have earned over many years. Let us put that experience to work for you.

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Modular Construction Means Consistent Quality

When you use modular construction to build your custom home what that means is you are getting the quality that only factory construction can provide. If you think about it, almost everything you buy on a daily basis is built in a factory; your computer, your desk, your TV, your phone, and your car. Can you imagine these items not being built in a factory? In fact, you expect these items to be built in a factory because consistency and quality are assured. So, what about your home?

For many, they only think about traditional outdoor construction when building their custom home because “that’s the way it has always been done”. It is the single biggest investment in most people’s lives and yet, when you think about it, almost seems crazy to still build it outside when everything else that you use in everyday life is built in a factory. The only place where consistent quality can be assured.

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Naturally Energy Efficient Modular Homes

Modular construction makes our custom homes more energy efficient because it gives us additional opportunities to make your home tighter and not subject to the air infiltration that onsite construction just can’t stop. Because our homes are built indoors, extra moisture from rainwater collecting in your home doesn’t get trapped. Materials don’t warp and twist meaning that materials line up and maintain their air tight seal. They also don’t dry out further once installed and shrink up pulling apart and exposing air gaps. A modular home is just more efficient when it comes to keeping the inside air in and the outside air out. This means a more comfortable house to live in and lower energy bill each month, in spite of Indiana winters.

Indiana – The Crossroads of American

Indiana has 41 miles of waterfront on Lake Michigan. That coupled with its central location and highway system help make it one of the world’s great industrial centers. Northern Indiana turns out steel, iron, and oil products. Items produced include automobile parts and accessories, modular homes and recreational vehicles, truck and bus bodies, farm machinery, aircraft engines, and fabricated structural steel.

The state is a leader in agriculture with corn the principal crop. Hogs, wheat, rye, soybeans, oats, onions, tomatoes, and poultry also contribute heavily to Indiana’s high agricultural output.

State Facts & Fun

Historic Parke County has 32 covered bridges and is the Covered Bridge Capital of the world.

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Interested in building in Indiana? We have an extensive selection of modular home plans and a consultant for your area who is waiting to help you with every detail along the way. Let's get started!

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