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Why Choose Impresa Modular in Illinois?

Impresa Modular is a leader in modular construction. Some may make the claim but we back it up. We are the only nationwide custom modular home builder in the country. We have a team of experienced and knowledgeable consultants that work for you. When selecting the builder to partner with in building their new home, most of our customers use the same evaluation criteria. They want a builder that will listen to their needs, that will guide them through the building process, and that they feel they can trust. We build trust with our customers based on our years of experience in planning, designing, and delivering custom modular homes. With open communication, the strength of a nationwide company backing your local home consultant, and years of knowledge and experience, we want to be your choice as a trusted partner when it comes time to build to your new home.

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We Didn’t Invent it, We Made it Better

Did you know that Sears actually started selling homes nationwide from a catalog in 1908? Over the next several years the collection of plans grew to 447 different housing styles. Each home in the catalog displayed the price for the standard plan. Customers could choose a home to suit their specific tastes and budgets. Prospective customers could even design their own homes and submit the blueprints to Sears, which would then deliver the appropriate precut and fitted materials, putting the home owner in full creative control. Sears Modern Home customers had the freedom to build their own dream houses.

While Impresa Modular doesn’t offer a paper catalog, we provide you with the convenience to review our plans from the comfort of your home with a computer, a tablet, or even your smart phone. With our exclusive Express Project Estimator, you have the unique ability to create your own one-page price estimate for virtually every home we offer. If you have your own plan or want to modify one of our existing plans you can simply contact your new home consultant to get started on the process of designing your own custom home. Today, you also don’t have to wait by a train station for a kit that has to be assembled stick by stick on your home site. However, the concept is still the same. We just deliver your home sections called modules and assemble them quickly onsite.

Build Modular, Build Modern!
Safety & Security for your family with modular homes in Illinois

The Strength of Modular Homes means Safety and Security

Impresa Modular uses modular construction to build your custom home. What this means is that we take your homes design and divide it into modules. Each of these modules are then constructed individually in a factory. A factory environment allows us to build your new home to a level of precision that just can’t be achieved with traditional outdoor construction. Add in the fact that indoor construction means that your home is never rained or snowed on during the process and you can see why indoor construction is superior.

Once the modules are completed in the factory they are then transported to your home site on carriers, lifted by a crane and gently placed on your foundation. They are then attached to the foundation and each other to complete a very tight structural connection. According to FEMA, the engineering of modular homes means they are typically more durable than site built homes when it comes to withstanding storms. Because modular homes are built indoors, moisture isn’t trapped in the home during the construction process. This eliminates concerns over mold and mildew. When compared with site built homes, using modular construction means you are giving your family the additional safety and security they deserve.

Illinois – The Land of Lincoln

While Chicago is by far the most famous city in Illinois, the state is actually a very rural agricultural state. Today, Illinois stands high in manufacturing, coal mining, agriculture, and oil production. Central Illinois is well known for its shrines and memorials dedicated to the life of Abraham Lincoln. Located in Springfield are the Lincoln Home and the Lincoln Tomb.

State Facts & Fun

Springfield is the state capital and the home of the National Historic Site of the home of President and Mrs. Abraham Lincoln.

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