Take advantage of Impresa Modular’s long-standing spirit of partnership and support, with world-class service, great incentives, and guaranteed lead protection. Use the form below to contact us and get started earning commissions today!

While most builders pay commission after the home is built, we pay your commission within five business days of receipt of the first construction loan draw! Our realtor referral program works this way:

  • Call 800-275-7532 to learn commission details.
  • You will receive your commission after your customer closes on their construction loan and we receive the first draw. You will NOT have to wait for the home to be built!
  • Because of our lender relationships, often times we can consolidate your clients lot pay-off/purchase into the total cost of the home with no additional money down!
  • Many of our customers that we bring in, don’t have land, but are looking for a realtor that can help them find land. When this happens, if you are signed up as one of our preferred realtors, we will send our customer to you and you will earn the land commission.
  • Many of our customers need to sell their existing home before they can build a new one. Often times they are looking for a realtor recommendation to list their house.


  • We will help your customer determine lot improvement costs.
  • Our showroom is online making it easy for your client to get the home of their dreams with the options of their choice.
  • Our highly trained staff does the work making your job easy.
  • Because of our volume, experience, and contacts, we are often able to secure financing for customers when no one else can!
  • We provide a great solution by having over 100 customizable plans to fit your client’s needs. This allows you to capture your commission quickly.