Estimate Range
  1. Home Price: $139,831
  2. Installation & Finish: $44,212
  3. Site Work: $10,000
  4. Foundation: $10,270
  5. Utilities: $16,000
  6. Heating & Cooling: $12,500
  7. Garage: $0
  8. Permits: $3,000
  9. Land: $0
  10. Contingency & Misc. Items: $43,155
  • Step 1: Home Price (You are building in Location not set )

    This base price is for the home as it sets on its carriers at the factory ready to be delivered to your home site. It generally reflects the standard construction specification. It most likely will not include upgraded items as seen in the rendering.

    The "As Rendered" price reflects the home as it sets on it's carriers at the factory. However, the "As Rendered" Price includes many of the items that may be seen in the rendering such as porches, dormers, trim, etc.

    Freight is based on the number of carriers needed to move your home from our factory to your home site. Costs can vary by size of carrier and distance.

    Error determining freight costs to your location. Pricing may not be accurate.

  • Step 3: Installation & Finish (Estimating Range: $17 - $40/sq.ft.)

    Once your new home is delivered to your home site it must be installed on your foundation. A crew skilled in setting modular homes will perform this task. A crane is used to lift modules from the carriers and place them on the foundation.

    Once your home is on your foundation then the “button-up” begins. This includes items such as completing siding, and finishing the interior where the modular sections “mate” together.

    Depending on which factory your home is constructed in, items such as flooring, lighting, and other items may need to be finished on-site.

  • Step 4: Site Work (Estimating Range: $7,000 - $40,000)

    The cost for excavation, driveway installation, land clearing, etc. is extremely dependent on the home site itself. Land with steep grades, ground water issues, soil compaction issues, rock, and that are heavily wooded will cost more than a flat building site for a home with a crawlspace to develop. High cost of living areas will naturally cost more to have the site prepared.

    Most sites will be on the lower end to middle of the range provided. If you can do the work yourself, then you can realize the savings!

    Extreme home sites could be off the scale the other way. Please include excessive excavation costs in "Special & Misc. Items".

  • Step 5: Foundation (Your location may dictate the type of foundation)

    Your new modular home will require a foundation. You can choose a more economical crawlspace or select a basement. Basements will require a concrete floor which will add additional expense, however, on a sq ft basis, you are getting lots of additional space at a very economical price.

    In many cases, your location will dictate the type of foundation. Only the size of the first floor is used in the calculation.

  • Step 6: Utilites (Estimating Range: $15,000 - $25,000)

    Utilities includes things like electric, cable, telephone, water, sewer, and gas. If you live in a rural area you may have a septic system and a well for water. If you live in an urban area, you will typically have access to public water and sewer systems.

    No matter which utilities you connect to and which options you have, there will be some cost, even if your site already has all utilities included.

    Connections to public utility systems typically cost $1,000 or more each. A well and septic system together can have an average cost $15,000 to $25,000.

  • Step 7: Heating & Cooling (Estimating Range: $10,000 - $35,000)

    Heating and cooling systems vary by region. Therefore, some factories include heating systems with the ability to add air-conditioning or, provide the home prepped for onsite installation of a mechanical system.

    Entry level baseboard electric heat is the most economical. Geothermal systems are still costly but becoming more affordable. Except in the most northern climates, heat pumps are the system of choice. Systems for typical size homes can be installed in the $10,000 - $35,000 range with the number zones driving the wide cost variance.

  • Step 8: Garage If this plan contains a garage that is integral to construction, then it is included.

    Garage sizes and method of construction can vary widely. Some factories will provide modularly constructed garages. Other factories will provide the trim kits to ensure the site built garage will match the home. If the modular home plan contains a garage that is integral to the construction of the home then it is already included in the home price. However, the additional foundation, concrete and site work is not. Below are some estimating guidelines.

  • Step 9: Permits (Permits & fees vary by location)

    Required permits and fees vary state by state, county by county, and city by city. Fees can range from none to thousands of dollars. Most jurisdictions charge amounts in the hundreds of dollars for required permits. Contact your local building permits office to determine a good estimate for acquiring the needed permits to build your new home.

  • Step 10: Land (If needed, enter your budget for land.)

    You will need to have land for your new home. Many of our customers already have the land where they will build. Others are either looking to acquire a building site soon or are about to close on it.

    If you are looking to acquire the land for your new home, please work with your Modular Home Consultant to insure it is accessible for the delivery of your new modular homes.

    You can enter an amount if you want to add the cost of your land into your overall project budget.

  • Step 11: Contingency & Misc. Items (Special items can be costs unique to your locality.)

    Special items can be costs unique to your locality. This can include unique requirements not in the standard building codes, fire sprinkler systems, local excise taxes, impact fees, etc.

    Miscellaneous items may include gutters, decks, porches, sidewalks, or other items not already accounted for in the estimate.

    If you don’t have any other costs to consider, leave this blank.

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