For Sale Land In Mount Shasta Vista Area X

INTERESTED IN OFFERING AND SELLING SOME LAND IN MOUNT SHASTA WEED SISKIYOU COUNTY AREA MOUNT SHASTA VISTA 1000 00 My name is Francisco Lopez and I am interested in selling some land and or property in Mount Shasta Vista which is located in the Mount Shasta area Weed Siskiyou County area Mount Shasta Vista is conveniently located north of San Francisco and Sacramento The land is fertile and there is nothing on the land at this moment so if you would like to maybe build a home build a log cabin and or start a lovely garden for fruits vegetables and or vegetation this would be the perfect spot and opportunity to do so In addition this area is quickly growing and developing and the population is booming as well This would be a perfect investment for the future as the value of the land property and area will grow If you are interested in purchasing this land in the Mount Shasta Weed Siskiyou County area Mount Shasta Vista then please get in contact with me as soon as possible by telephone...

Category: housing/sale/land
Sub Category: Land for Sale
Listing by: AdsInUSA
Price: $1,000
Address: Weed, CA 96094

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