Interested in teaming with Impresa Modular to become a modular builder?

Off-site construction delivers on providing local and regional builders with a way to mitigate the construction labor shortage. It gives builder’s a path forward to deliver the best quality homes that are better than what can be delivered using traditional construction methods onsite. Your decision to consider modular or “systems built” construction for your next project will allow you to take advantage of the many benefits offered by this efficient alternative to traditional site-built methods.

It’s important to make sure your modular supplier has appropriate business experience and construction expertise to help you effectively promote the product in your market.


We Are Here to Support You!

Our sales consulting team is the best in the industry at helping you decide on the right product for your market and working through your questions about modular housing. We are here to provide:

Assistance with Product Selection

Guidance during the Build Process

Suggestions for Marketing & Selling

Tips for Subcontracting

Are you a professional
home builder?

Impresa Modular has an extensive builder network that connects professional builders and Impresa Modular’s quality modular homes with prospective homeowners. We are committed to providing quality, reliably priced modular homes in the United States. Grow your residential construction business by partnering with us to deliver fast turn-around homes to prospective home buyers in your local area.

Are you a professional remodeler?

Modular construction leverages the skills and experience that professional remodeling firms contain in-house. Custom modular construction means fitting several modules together, finishing them perfectly, and delivering a unique project to the end customer.

Impresa Modular also offers other modular products that can enhance a remodelers business. These include modular in-law suites, second story additions, first floor additions, and senior/disabled cottages. We support you with module and expertise that allows you to complete projects in less than half the time of using traditional onsite construction

Our focus is to provide you with more revenue producing opportunities using the skills and expertise that you and your company team already have.

Learn More about How Teaming with Impresa Modular Can Make You a Modular Builder

Complete the builder information request form and we will send you the “Builder’s Guide to Profitable Modular Construction.” This in-depth look at modular construction and the financial advantages of using this technology is a must-read for any builder who wants to learn how to successfully enhance their business with less risk to their company while simultaneously increasing customer satisfaction.

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