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1 1 336 sqft
This ADUDIO 336 ADU is already built and looking for a home. It is at the factory and ready for...
The Alpine Retreat
3 2.5 1514 sqft
The Alpine Retreat is Impresa Modular's Home that will be on display at the 2024 International Builder Show in the...
Lahmon Double
1 1 320 sqft
• Studio ADU for backyard use • Featuring a durable exterior painted the color of your choosing, roof with 20-year...
Lahmon Single
1 1 160 sqft
• Studio ADU for backyard use • Pre-Approved for use anywhere in California • Featuring a durable exterior painted the...
4 2.5 3775 sqft
A unique floor plan that has many interesting features! The kitchen with its inviting sitting area featuring a fireplace will...
Urban Tier
3 2.5 2120 sqft
The Urban Tier design footprint provides great appeal for smaller home sites. the general living space is situated on the...
Modern Breakwater
3 2.5 1636 sqft
The Modern Breakwater features a cozy open first floor living space with a private master bedroom located at the far...
Wayside 1.0
3 3.0 1753 sqft
The Wayside 1.0 features a first floor social area that provide a comfortable setting for living and entertaining. The large...
Sleek House
3 3.0 1660 sqft
The Sleek House is a multi level design that is highlighted by an open floor living area that captures great...
Solar Cottage
2 1.0 1168 sqft
The Solar Cottage layout is highlighted by great space utilization. Creating a lineal appearance and enhancing it with a front...
3 2.5 1994 sqft
Sleek modern architectural design accent this home. The Breakwaters standard feathers are many and include casement and awning windows, along...
Seaside I
5 3.5 2486 sqft
The Seaside I features five bedrooms, including two Master Suites that will provide ample accommodations for friends and family to...
Belmar III
5 3.5 2545 sqft
The Belmar Series of homes offer varying elevations to suit a variety of tastes but they all have one thing...
Bay Head I
3 2.5 1611 sqft
The Bay Head I is a contemporary beach home. It has an open floor plan that allows all the space...
Aspen Ridge
4 2.0 1690 sqft

Building your own home can be one of the most exciting and rewarding efforts you can undertake. Let us show you how the design flexibility of modular homes can meet your lifestyle. It all starts with finding the perfect home plan. We have more than a thousand modular home floor plans offered regionally across the country. Search through our home plan collections to find the plan for you.

You may find one of our existing modular home plans is close to meeting your needs, but with just a few changes, it could be your dream home. Or you may have already found your perfect plan and you’re just looking to see if we offer a plan that is close to matching the one you have already selected.

Don’t waste your time! Most of the homes we build come from home plans provided by customers just like you. We can “modularize” many existing home plans to increase your value through modular.

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