Custom Modular Home Factories

There are dozens of modular home factories scattered across the country. But not all factories are created equal. Some factories produce higher volumes of homes but offer lower levels of customization. Some have a standard specification to meet a specific price point while others cater to a very high end builder/customer.

Currently, the population of factories using modular construction to produce homes is primarily owned and operated independently at each location. This means that each factory covers a limited geographic area with its ability to produce homes. Should a need require homes in multiple locations or should a project require more product than a particular factory can produce, many relationships with many factories need to be developed and maintained.


Impresa Modular – Builder Knowledge with Factory Resources

First and foremost, Impresa Modular is a builder. We are the only nationwide modular builder in the country licensed/registered/certified in over 40 states.

This broad coverage means that we have experience with rural sites and infill sites. We build homes on pilings near the coast or on rivers. We build homes on mountains and vacation areas. We build large custom homes and we build value based homes. We build homes everywhere in-between. We have a factory network that can supply our homes to practically every state in the U.S. With the ability to source homes from our factory partners located across the country we operate as a virtual factory. We provide all of our homes from the factory that we determine can provide the best product at the best value for each unique project.

We Work With Factories Nationwide

As a builder, Impresa Modular enjoys the better scheduling control that modular construction offers.

By reducing the number of sub-contractors needed to build a home, and by limiting the scope of the ones that are actually needed, construction budgets and project schedules are easier to manage. Not only are building projects easier to manage, they track better to budgets, are easier to communicate to customers, and the compressed build time frame reduces exposure to many other risks that come to bear when a projects’s construction timeframe is extended.

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