Impresa Modular Delivers Fast Completion for Residential, Multi-Family, and Light Commercial Projects

Modular construction offers amazing opportunities to deliver single family homes at a great value. However, the benefits of modular construction aren’t just exclusive to providing single-family homes. Impresa Modular also works with developers and project owners on multi-family projects and light commercial projects.


Modular Project Types

From building the police station to creating housing for thousands of students, Impresa Modular provides solutions that are built to the most stringent requirements.

Residential projects such as...

Spec Homes, Community Development and Scattered Lot Development

MULTI-FAMILY HOUSING projects such as...

Townhouses, Duplex/Triplex/Qaudplex, Student/Campus Housing, and Assisted Living

LIGHT COMMERCIAL projects such as...

Banks, Municipal Buildings
and Retail Restaurants

Quality Construction Fast & Efficient

Modular construction is not only faster, but provides extremely energy efficient structures at level of quality that is difficult to match with onsite construction.

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