Why Partner with Impresa Modular?

Many see off-site construction, specifically modular construction, as the new way to increase productivity and increase profitability in the construction industry.

Construction productivity has seen a net increase of just 1% over the last 20 years. This pales in comparison to any other industry. Construction labor is in short supply. The traditional construction method is heavily labor dependent. The shortage is requiring contractors to hire unskilled workers and place them in skilled work positions just to fill vacancies. Project schedules and project quality are suffering.

However, while modular construction can simplify and speed up the construction process, those who aren’t familiar with it often struggle during the adoption period. Without the experience accumulated from years of using modular construction, there can be a steep learning curve when converting to this new method of construction.


Engaging Impresa Modular as your modular construction partner ensures your early success when adopting this modern method of construction.

The Design-Build Process

Many developers and project owners have a misconception that “modular” refers to a type or style of housing. Modular is actually a construction technique. A construction method that can greatly enhance efficiency and reduce risk with almost any construction project. With it, you can complete more homes faster or complete projects more quickly and ultimately increase your profitability.

Impresa Modular uses the Design-Build system of project delivery.

With one design-build entity, the roles of designer and constructor are integrated. One entity drives one unified flow of work from initial concept through completion. Impresa Modular becomes your design build partner for your modular construction project. We understand the nuances of modular design. We create projects that take advantage of off-site, indoor construction. In the field, our knowledge of the process means that sub-contractors have an accurate scope of work and that the onsite work flow is managed at peak efficiency.

Change orders and disputes are rare in well organized, modular design-build projects, because the sole-source responsibility of a single contract for both design and construction clearly places the responsibility for coordinating all project elements squarely in the hands of the design-build team. Combined with the planning required to execute a modular project, total project costs are more predictable and project timeframes suffer minimal interruptions.

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