Why develop with modular construction?

Traditional construction projects are based on risk aversion which causes each participant in a project to focus on their costs first. This is to the detriment of the overall budget of the project. This mindset is pervasive in onsite construction.

Modular projects are enhanced when the project owner, the contractor, and subcontractors work together. The focus is on final project cost, not just reducing the cost/risk of each individual’s responsibility area in the process. A collaborative approach means project owners enhance margins and contractors are encouraged to improve design, enhance quality, and simultaneously reduce risk.


Modular Construction Eliminates Waste

Modular construction means construction is turned into a manufacturing process.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 57%, of activities in construction are wasteful and non-value adding. These are activities that are not compensated. Manufacturing is the exact opposite. With manufacturing, 62% of all activities add value to the project. By replacing the wasteful aspects of construction with the efficiencies of manufacturing, modular construction benefits by eliminating wasteful processes and increasing the value for building projects.

Modular Enhances Construction Efficiency

Construction efficiency is enhanced using the modular construction method. There are five key areas that every project must consider when choosing a construction method. These construction method performance factors include:

  • Cost – The capital and operational investment required (including consideration for the value of faster construction),
  • Labor – The dependency on skilled and unskilled workers, both onsite and offsite.
  • Scope – The range of the project program
  • Quality – The ability to meet or exceed project design and construction goals
  • Risk – The ability to minimize or mitigate exposure to potential financial loss

Off-site construction is being researched by commercial contractors, production builders, and practically all participants in the construction industry.

Project owners are evaluating the modular construction method and finding several documented benefits that modular construction offers over onsite construction. These include:

  • Reduced construction schedules
  • More predictable project costs
  • Reduced material waste
  • Lower carbon emissions to transportation to and from the project site associated with on-site construction
  • Reduced site disturbance
  • Increased safety and security of workers

Construction labor productivity is falling rapidly in the U.S. In America, about the same number of housing units were built in 2016 as in 1992, but it required about a 46 percent increase in labor to accomplish it. Labor productivity with modular has shown an increase of 30% on off-site projects when compared with on-site projects. Ultimately, risk is reduced with off-site construction.

Committing Early Enhances Project Success

For the best opportunity to reduce project costs, expedite project delivery, and to enhance overall project success it is important to consider off-site, modular construction early on.

By engaging Impresa Modular as your design-build partner we can be involved early in the decision making process with owners and project designers. This allows us to assist during the critical early stages of project formulation to insure that the decisions impacting site and construction method take full advantage of the modular construction method.

Successful off-site projects begin with an experienced and determined team. Modular construction can reduce project costs and shorten a projects timeframe. But only when used with an experienced team. Onsite construction is very different than offsite construction in several areas. Success depends on a team that understand the coordination of designing, shipping, setting, and finishing modular projects. Each of these processes are interdependent and need to be fully integrated by an experienced team to take full advantage of the modular construction method.

Modular Delivers More

Across the range of off-site construction methods, modular is the one that is the most complete from the factory – up to 85% in some cases. It is shipped and assembled as 3D volumetric units that are service or structural units to be joined on-site.

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