New to Modular Home Construction?

The processes of modular construction are very different from those of on-site construction. Many builders that are new to off-site construction learn about the modular construction method and choose to adapt it because of its three main benefits:

  • Faster Construction Timeframe
  • Factory Built Quality
  • Better Value for the Builder and the Customer

Modular home factories are not builders

One of the biggest advantages of modular construction is that it has taken the outdoor construction process and turned it into a manufacturing process. Some key advantages include:

  • Floors and walls that are exposed aren’t subjected to rain and/or snow,
  • Building materials are stored and protected from the weather,
  • Building code and quality inspections take place in the factory,
  • Consistent work force doing work daily,
  • Concentrated construction of many homes means waste is virtually eliminated,
  • Costs savings because of volume purchases.

But a manufacturer doesn’t have field experience when it comes to deploying their modules onsite. It takes a builder to help a builder and their home buyer take full advantage of the modular construction method.

We are a Builder that Acts Like a Virtual Factory

We have a factory network that can supply our homes to practically every state in the U.S. With the ability to source homes from our factory partners located across the country we operate as a virtual factory.

First and foremost, Impresa Modular is a builder and the only nationwide modular builder in the country. We are licensed/registered/certified in over 40 states.

This means we have experience with rural sites, infill sites, building homes on pilings, building homes on mountains, and building homes everywhere in-between. We provide all of our homes from the factory that we determine can provide the best product at the best value for each unique project.

As a builder, we can teach you how modular construction offers better control over budgeting and scheduling your projects.

By reducing the number of sub-contractors needed to build a home, and by limiting the scope of the ones that are actually needed, construction budgets and project schedules are easier to manage. Not only are building projects easier to manage, they track better to budgets, are easier to communicate to customers, and the compressed build timeframe reduces exposure to many other risks that come to bear when a home’s construction timeframe is extended.

You have questions, we have answers

Modular construction varies from onsite construction in many ways. Builders that are new to modular construction have made an important first step in adopting a better building method. Now they need a resource that supports their success on their first project. A successful first project is critical to a builder’s adoption of the modular construction method into their business.

Builders that are new to modular will have many of the following questions:

  • How do I design a home, or modify a home design, to be modular friendly for my specific factory?
  • How do I insure a site is accessible for trucks and carriers that have large modules?
  • How do I configure my job site to fit all of the modules and the crane?
  • Will I need a staging area for the modules and how does that work?
  • What will the factory complete and what will I be responsible to complete?
  • How do I create and document the scope for each of my trades or subs?
  • How do I schedule the site prep and subs for this new modular construction process?
  • How do I tell my customer what to expect when I am just learning myself?
  • How do I know the modules were installed correctly within industry standard practices and tolerances?

The answer to each of these questions is just as unique as each home plan and each home site. The answers will even vary by factory and region of the country in which the home is being placed. How can a builder new to the modular building system succeed with so many variables on their very first project? The answer is simple, we are here to ensure your success!

There are no Modular Construction 101 Classes for Builders

Builders that research modular construction are convinced of its benefits. They decide to try their first modular project and are faced with many questions from their customer. Then they realize they have no access to a resource that understands modular construction from a builder perspective and that can support them as they service and support their customer.

That is where we come in… to offer you service and support.

We Speak Your Language

As a builder, Impresa Modular understands the process of converting from onsite construction to off-site construction using the modular building process. Because the process is different, it can often leave architects, designers, and builders confused and sometimes frustrated with the modern modular construction method.

Impresa Modular is a leading builder in the modular construction industry. In fact, we are the only national builder in the industry. While most builders can only rely on the experience they have gained from building in a small local area, that’s not Impresa Modular. Our national presence means that we have experience in every region of the country and have experienced the very different issues unique to each region. It also means that we have built virtually every type of residential project; infill homes, rural lot homes, homes on pilings, homes on mountain tops, high end custom homes, and vacation homes. We bring that experience with us to make our builder partners succeed with modular construction.