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Contemporary home plans are designed around light and space. They have design elements that include asymmetrical shapes, flat or shed roofs, open and airy floor plans, often with large overhangs. Plans have clean, simple lines with lots of glass and minimal decorative features. Refined contemporary house designs offer rising ceilings and a simplicity of design that works well individuals and families.

Contemporary or Modern house plans are a complete shift from all traditional designs. Many of these floor plans echo designs from architects of the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s.

Since the 1950’s, contemporary architecture has become a favorite for many architects. Architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Phillip Johnson, and Moshe Safdie have advanced modern home design.

Many styles of Contemporary home plans make use of industrial or modern building materials for both interior and exterior finishes. Glass, vinyl, and metal are used extensively throughout the home.

The concept of modernism is a central theme in contemporary home plans for 20th century modern architecture. For those that want to make a clean break from traditional designs of the past, Contemporary house plans are perfect for those that want to adopt true modern style.

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St. Paul
3 2 1560 sqft
2 2 1352 sqft
Silver Grove
2 2 1402 sqft
2 1 936 sqft
3 2 2150 sqft
3 2 2000 sqft
3 2 1248 sqft
3 2 1352 sqft
4 3 2010 sqft
2 2 1900 sqft
3 2 1144 sqft
3 2 1248 sqft
3 2 1480 sqft
2 1 1240 sqft
4 2 1664 sqft